in Reality.
A Solana based Metaverse adventure closely linked to the real world put into our everyday lives
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Look around yourself online and offline for gateways into the AiR Metaverse everywhere.


Hunt for treasure, solve puzzles, level up skills, and battle epic monsters in a fantasy world built upon the real world.


Collect virtual game cards to complete missions that earn you decentralized digital assets and rewards with physical world values.

AiR Citizens

NFT characters enabled by AiR can be played as Citizens in the Metaverse, who can carry out game plays and move into virtual buildings for Play-to-Earn (Gamefi)


Move into AiR by owning virtual buildings as NFTs to build your presence and unique experience for exposure, engagement, loyalty, or simply just for FUN.


AiR is a constantly and rapidly evolving Metaverse. Everyday there might be something new, be it new game play, new digital assets to earn, or new partners building presence in AiR. There would be something that can excite you sooner or later!


Prototype development

Location based gamification mobile app first prototype completed


O2O gamification implementation

Online/offline gateways to connect into the AiR Metaverse


Welcome to AiR

AiR mobile app available in the app stores with trial Metaverse experience with selected partners


Settler Program (Hong Kong)

A group of local brands, celebrities, and artists will be invited to own one of the 100 available buildings (as Solana NFTs) and build unique adventures


NFT Gamification

NFT experience gamification for holders by making one of the hottest local Solana based NFTs in Hong Kong to carry out its story in AiR


Battle in AiR

Time to arm up to battle location-based monsters and challenge epic bosses that carry valuable digital treasure by crafting weapons, cooking food, and leveling up skills


Business Ecosystem

Creating O2O gateways into AiR for businesses and brands to gamify customer experience for engagement and conversion



Connection to token wallets to bring NFTs into the Metaverse and store earned game items and digital assets


AiR Citizen NFT

Public minting of AiR Citizens as NFTs for game play and Play-to-Earn utility in the Metaverse


Play-to-Earn seasons

Launching of game play to allow players compete with each other to complete seasonal missions to earn physical and digital rewards


AiR buildings NFT

Allocation of AiR buildings as NFTs for the public to purchase for customized experience and future Gamefi monetization


NFT Playground

A playground for NFTs to build game play and link to real world experience through the AiR O2O Metaverse


Multiple Access

Accessing the AiR Metaverse through website, other digital touch points, and even VR devices, in addition to the mobile app


Regional expansion

Expansion of the location-based Metaverse from Hong Kong to Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia to establish an international ecosystem


$AiR for Gamefi

Tokenized Metaverse currencies that enables Gamefi model through staking with AiR Citizens and AiR buildings with game play


Metaverse customization

Tools for AiR Citizens and building owners to build their customized O2O Metaverse experiences and loyalty missions


Business loyalty economy

Establishment of an economy in the Metaverse to enable gamification and tokenization of business loyalty



Empowering AiR building owners and Citizens to participate in decentralized decision making of the Metaverse such as future Buildings/Citizens NFT sales, partnership approval, and monetization policies


To go to a shopping mall to defeat a digital dragon to win a rare NFT using a special digital weapon you earned by spending there

To collect an apple virtual game card from a digital apple tree in the Metaverse near your physical home location and exchange the virtual apple for a real apple at a nearby market

To order a meal at a fast-food chain and enter the virtual version of the restaurant in the Metaverse to battle burger thieves to have a chance to win a bag of free fries

To take the same bus everyday and be rewards with a virtual weapon to arm you up on the Metaverse for the upcoming adventure

To build a unique experience in the virtual building you own and rent it out to other players to earn tokens

To collect a series of virtual game cards for visiting selected merchants to complete a mission that earns you NFTs

To go into virtual battle for your idol and occupy virtual buildings to establish a kingdom of fans to demonstrate your loyalty


In this generation of Metaverse, Play-to-Earn and NFT based game plays are merely standards, not differentiations. What AiR wants to achieve is to turn the life of every player into an adventure that is taking place across the virtual realm and the physical realm. Game plays do not just reside inside the digital screen. The real world IS part of the game. AiR players can earn virtual items from real world actions and take such items into the Metaverse, and vice versa, players can earn virtual items in the Metaverse that can redeem corresponding physical rewards in the real world.

In AiR, you are not controlling a virtual character to perform actions in a purely virtual world. You ARE the character playing the biggest Role Playing Game that spans across reality and virtuality.

This is AiR - The Adventure in Reality!


The Crazy One



Executive Producer


Game Producer


Lead Game Developer


Game Developer


Game Developer


Game Designer/ Coordinator

Art Boy

Illustrator/ 3D modeler

Handy Lady

3D modeler/ Animator


Lead Engineer


AiR is inviting partners of all sectors and industries to build the unique O2O Metaverse ecosystem together. Partnerships will be announced soon that includes brands, shopping malls, chain stores, theme parks, celebrities, and different NFT collections. Together, this will be the biggest Adventure that blurs the line between virtual and real. Everyone is welcome!



Where is the metaverse today and where is it going?

The vision of AiR is to become a full-fledged one-of-a-kind Metaverse with all its characteristics and functionality through step-by-step development, enhancement, and expansion.

How is AiR different from other Metaverses?

AiR is a unique O2O ecosystem in the form of a Metaverse that closely links to the real world to facilitate business gamification and turn your life into rewarding adventures.

Is AiR also for people who do not enjoy location-based game play?

AiR is a Metaverse where you will be working with different players to participate the different game plays it offers so no matter which way you play, you will be able to find ways to enjoy the game and contribute in the Metaverse for fun and rewards.

Which blockchain is AiR built upon?

AiR is running on the Solana chain at first and will enable multiple chains down the road.

Is AiR available only in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the first city to launch AiR to test the concepts and will eventually be available worldwide.

How can I buy AiR Citizens and Buildings?

AiR Citizens will be available for public minting as NFT collections while AiR Buildings will hold occasional public sales with limited supply each time.

What are the benefits for owning AiR Citizens and Buildings?

Owning Citizens and Buildings will allow you to participate in the different game plays and Gamefi models to enable Play-to-Earn or as part of different gamified loyalty programs.

How many AiR Citizens and Buildings will be there?

While there will be a limited allocation of 10,000 Buildings in Hong Kong, there will be different collections of AiR Citizens, whether it is from AiR as original characters or from a third party NFT collection.

What will be the tokenomics of the $AiR token?

As the target of AiR is to become an ecosystem with business activities and loyalty from the real world, the exact tokenomics and Gamefi rules will be designed